Head Start

Our Mission Statement
The YVEDDI Head Start and NCPK Programs will continuously establish and evaluate program practices that will bring about the greatest success for children and families.

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What is Head Start?
Head Start is a federally funded program whose goal is to prepare children ages 3-5 for school by providing a quality, safe-learning environment within a structured educational setting and is the only local preschool program that offers health, dental, social services and a comprehensive parent involvement program. Services are provided in Davie, Stokes, Surry, and Yadkin Counties to 385 children and include nutritious meals and snacks and developmentally appropriate activities. Medical and Dental services are provided (including payment, if needed, for healthcare, dental exams and follow-up). Parents have the opportunity to collaborate with teachers to develop their child’s plans for learning, develop and revise program policies, participate in various committees, including the Policy Council.  Children with special needs are at least 10 percent of our enrollment. Families must meet Federal income guidelines to qualify.

Head Start also partners with the NC Pre-K program in many of our classrooms. The additional funding allows Head Start to extend its operational days of service from 160 to 180 days, pay for higher qualified teachers, and reduce teacher/child ratios from 1:10 to 1:9 or class size from 20 to 18 children.

Our Philosophy
YVEDDI Head Start believes that all children deserve the opportunity to learn through play by way of facilitated, competent early childhood practices without regard to race, culture, income, or disability.  We also believe by linking services and building partnerships within the community our families will achieve more success.

YVEDDI Head Start provides all students the opportunity to feel competent, to feel good about themselves and to develop a positive attitude toward learning.  Our curriculum is designed to foster the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth of each child.  Upon enrollment, each child is screened.  Thereafter, the child is assessed periodically so that activities can be planned to meet the individual developmental needs and ensure school readiness for the child.

Commitment to Quality
Our Head Start program adheres to federal, state, and local regulations.  A council of program parents and a board of directors, in conjunction with management, share the decision-making about the program.  Shared governance and the delivery of ongoing program and fiscal monitoring, as well as training and technical assistance assure the continual growth of quality services to children and families.  The 2009-2010 Triennial Federal Review resulted in Zero Findings following an assessment of over 1700+ regulations.

Our Staff
All NCPK teachers have or are working on their Birth to Kindergarten Certifications.  These professionals provide a variety of developmentally appropriate activities for the children. Ongoing professional development activities are provided for staff to enrich our children’s opportunities in the classroom.  To promote staff retention and higher quality programming for children, employee benefits include sick, vacation, and education leave, 12 paid holidays per year, retirement plan, life and health insurance, voluntary dental and vision, pay increases and bonuses for education achievement as funding allows.  Call the Head Start Administrative Office for full or part-time employment opportunities (336-367-4993).

Every Head Start family is assigned a Family Advocate for individualized services.  Advocates work with families in goal setting and provide needed referral services for the child and family’s well-being.  Parents are involved in all aspects of our program and participate in many ways such as attending parent meetings, health screenings, education workshops, volunteering in classrooms, and as governing representatives on the Policy Council.  We also encourage and promote fathers’ involvement in the nurturing and development of their children during the preschool experience and beyond.

To enhance the delivery of services, Head Start collaborates with local education associations, health providers, social service agencies, religious organizations, groups, and individuals.  Our gracious thanks to these professionals for their assistance in helping us to better serve children and families.

Locations (subject to change)
Boonville (5 Star)
533 N. Carolina Ave  Highway 601 N
Boonville, NC  27011
(336) 367-5301

Jack G. Koontz I & II (4 Star)
7131 NC Hwy 801 S
Mocksville, NC  27028
(336) 284-6066 or 2317

*Danbury/Lawsonville (5 Star)
Lawsonville, NC
(336) 593-2370

*Jones I-VI (5 Star)
L. H. Jones Family Resource Center
215 Jones School Road
Mt Airy, NC  27030
(336) 786-6155

*Jonesville (5 Star)
205 Center Street
Jonesville, NC  28642
(336) 835-1879

*Mt Olive (5 Star)
2415 Chestnut Grove Road
King, NC  27021
(336) 985-5260

*London (5 Star)
London Elementary School
609 School Street
Walnut Cove, NC  27052
(336) 591-7340

* Mocksville (5 Star)
819 Dulin Road
Mocksville, NC  27028
(336) 998-1831

*Paynetown (5 Star)
205 Marshall Farm Road
Mt Airy, NC  27030
(336) 786-7628

*Red Hill Creek (5 Star)
101 McMickles School Road
Dobson, NC  27017
(336) 352-4588

*Yadkinville (5 Star)

*Surry (5 Star)
389 Jenkinstown Road
Dobson, NC  27017
(336) 367-7202

Oak Grove (5 Star)
453 Oak Grove Road
Elkin, NC  28621
(336) 835-4248

*Sandy Ridge (5 Star)
Sandy Ridge Elementary
1308 Amostown Road
Sandy Ridge, NC  27046
(336) 871-2551
(336) 367-7202

* Indicates NCPK Centers

Centers are open from 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Monday through Friday
(generally August through May)

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